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ArcheMarix Investment Group, LLC

ArcheMatrix Investment Group, LLC was established in January 2015 and serves as the US subsidiary of ZhongMei XingYuan (Beijing) Technology, Ltd.
Since established, we are looking for investing and maintaining a diversified portfolio in both China and the US. We are actively investing in Early Stage Companies with high growth potential. We typically invest $100K -$1MM to companies raising their Seed Round and Series A Round.

Aside from Early Stage Investment, we also invested in Commercial Real Estate and varies Private Equity Funds.

ZhongMei XingYuan(Beijing) Technology, Ltd.

ZhongMei XingYuan (Beijing) Technology Ltd is a China-based investment company with various investment including mining, industrial technology and real estate development. The company, its subsidiaries and partners currently own Shanxi HuiNeng Coal Industry Ltd, the largest private coal mine in Pingding, Shanxi. With advanced mining technologies, Shanxi HuiNeng Coal Industry Ltd is now capable of producing 1.8 million tons of raw coal annually.


Our Real Estate Development division has developed many commercial and residential projects inculuding mixed-use shopping centers, office bulidings, hotels and multifamily residents. Click Here for some of our projects.

Our Team
Yipeng Zhao, Managing Partner

Managing Partner of ArcheMatrix Ventures, served as Director of ShanXi HuiFeng Investment, Ltd and Vice President of ZhongMei XingYuan (Beijing) Technology, Ltd. Mr. Zhao received his B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Michigan State University and M.A. in Econometrics from University of California, San Diego. Mr. Zhao has been actively involved in commercial real estate acquisition and development as well as equity investment in both China and US. Some of his significant cases recently including the investment of YangQuan City Commercial Bank and the development of a large mixed-use center in Taiyuan. Mr. Zhao also has extensive research experience in Financial Risk Management and statistical methods such as Nonparametric and Semiparametric estimation and inference, Big Data Analysis and Time Series data analysis.


Rui Liu, Partner

Rui received her Master degree in Mathematical Fiance from University of Southern California. Prioring to joining ArcehMatrix Investment Group, LLC, Rui has worked at Essence Securities (Beijing) and AXA Advisors. Other than the experience in Real Estate Investment, she is also familiar with various investment structures including mezzanine financing, REITs, public and/or private partnerships and other JV structures.


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